Robert Reich

Professor Robert Reich, Former U.S. Labor Secretary

“[Professor John J. Donovan] has more ideas before lunch than most people have in a year—if ever.”
Admiral Jake Shuford
“This workshop provided us with a complete framework for Sea Warrior initiative which will become the major human resource system for the entire US Navy. This workshop not only gave us the vision but a working pilot a business case and a complete plan on moving forward. Just outstanding.”
Carnesale Portrait

Al Carnesale - Chancellor UCLA, Former Dean, Provost, President Harvard, and Professor John J. Donovan's colleague for 25 years

“Having learned from [Professor John J. Donovan's new book] Make the Moments Better (which arrived today) that one should “never start a letter with ‘I’” (Rule 39), I begin this message with a gerund. My purpose here is to convey my congratulations and appreciation.
From the moment I removed the book from the package and started to read, I was unable to put it down until I reached the back cover. John Jr.’s and your volume is replete with wisdom and love. Thank you for sharing it with me.”
Dr. James Andrews, MD

Dr. James Andrews, MD, CEO and Director, Andrews Institute

“This workshop made my vision for the Andrews Institute a reality. A wonderful business case and pilot which will turn into a production system.”
Michael Myer Testimonial

Michael Meyer, President of CTG

“I had the pleasure of working for Professor Donovan as president of Cambridge Technology Group. Professor Donovan is one of the most intelligent, passionate, and charismatic people I have ever met. It is difficult to describe how much I learned from him, but I can honestly say that the time that I spent working for him changed my life.”
Natasa Veljovic

Natasa Veljovic, President and CEO, Woodstock General Hospital

“Professor John J. Donovan provides a very thorough strategic focus on the rationale for making a decision. This focus on structure is refreshing. The speed of the application demonstrations is incredible (a wow). The deployment of wireless technology was on topic and of great interest to me. This workshop validated our instincts to move in this direction for the new hospital.”
Anand Daga

Anand Daga

“I have known Professor Donovan and his son John for two decades. John is a visionary. He sees further than most people and ahead of most people. His optimism and foresight has been proven true. Most importantly, he mentors a team that is willing to work as hard as he does, have faith, and execute. He makes all around him believe in themselves and a zeal for life and a ‘never give up’ attitude.”
Jay M. Cohen

Jay M. Cohen, Chief of Naval Research, Admiral, U.S. Navy

“I felt like I was swimming in molasses. I now know there is an available, effective, affordable solution. Let the navy e-journey begin!!”
George H W Bush
“Dear Professor John J. Donovan: Please convey this Administration’s appreciation for your outstanding contributions. I salute you all for the technological achievements made so far, and for your present and future contributions to America. President Reagan’s belief that free industry is the best industry and your imagination and vitality within this exciting industry of telecommunications and computers will continue to make America strong, and the wide ranging application holds the promise of the betterment of mankind.”
General Richard Meyers

Four-Star General Richard Meyers, Joint Chief of Staff

“Incredible! What was achieved in this workshop presents the Department of Defense with the solution that can protect America and our military bases worldwide from terrorism. Thank you very much.”
Glen Kearns

Glen A. Kearns, President, Grand River Hospital

“Fantastic to have some tools and structure to focus on the business of our company. The technology is amazing, fast and flexible for our environment.”
Bob Gellings

Bob Gellings, Vice President, Raytheon Engineers & Constructors

“Professor John J. Donovan makes the message real through examples that are current, relevant, and insightful in a way that I have not previously experienced.”
Dale Meyerrose

Major General Dale Meyerrose, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and head of Northern Command

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you and your team – and working together. You did a masterful job bringing out intellectual perspectives and applying talent to the task at hand. The two day experience was pure class. Every aspect was singularly special – the accumulation was spectacular.”
Commander Tom Leonard

Commander Tom Leonard, Director of Project Management, Fleet Material Support Office, U.S. Navy

“One of the best coordinated, most thought provoking lectures I’ve ever attended. Professor John J. Donovan’s seminar is an idea machine, and his business success adds a credibility that is often missing in seminars of this type.”
Lieutenant General Harry D. Raduege Jr.

Lieutenant General Harry D. Raduege Jr., Director DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency)

“I was reluctant to come to this workshop due to my current workload, but I’m ecstatic I did. DISA is undergoing drastic culture changes brought about by federal budgets cuts. Dr. Donovan’s discussion about doing more with less was very helpful. The segment on change will benefit DISA’s attempt to be competitive in the future.”