Technical Training

In addition to formal teaching, Professor John J. Donovan has mentored many students and employees:

Josh, John, Erin and Sahil (2016)

Josh, John, Erin and Sahil

Below there are two video of students he mentored and their performance in front of executives:

Introduction of Cingular Demo Team

Cingular Presentations


Hear from individuals whom Professor John J. Donovan mentored

Anand Daga

Anand second from right


“I have known Professor John J. Donovan since 1996 when I started work at one of the software companies founded by him. Since then, I have had a chance to work for 3 different companies of his. I have left to go work at other places and have come back to his organization when the opportunity has presented itself. John is a visionary - he sees further than most people and ahead of most people. His optimism and foresight may often be mistaken for irrational exuberance, but time has validated his ideas.

“While most people may be grasping with what John may have seen / said years ago, John has clearly moved on to the next idea.

“Most importantly he mentors a team that is willing to work as hard as he does, have faith and execute. John has met with very high ranking executives all over the world. He has taught us how to win them over with ideas and charm and be effective to win over a lower-ranking staff or for that matter even a waiter serving his table. There is a natural warmth to what he does - independent of the other person’s title or background. John has high expectations of his team. He makes all around him believe in themselves and a zeal for life and a ‘never give up’ attitude.”

(See Mr. Daga's full testimonial)

Michael Meyer, President of CTG

Michael on left


“I had the pleasure of working for Professor John J. Donovan from 1995-2002 at Cambridge Technology Group and Cambridge Executive Enterprises. Professor John J. Donovan is one of the most intelligent, passionate, and charismatic people who I have ever met. It is difficult to describe how much I learned from him, but I can honestly say that the time that I spent working for him changed my life.”

(See Mr. Meyer's full testimonial)

Paul M. Lincoln

Paul helping in Europe


“I have known Professor John J. Donovan for over twenty years. As an undergraduate at Harvard, I was the General Manager of the Harvard Krokodiloes. The Krokodiloes performed for Professor John J. Donovan at over thirty executive programs each year. Upon graduation, I went to work for Professor John J. Donovan at CTG as Executive Program Coordinator. I was in the classroom for fifty executive programs each year. I saw an outstanding teacher who inspired the executives, with the help of CTG employees, to develop remarkable solutions for their company problems. I witnessed many standing ovations for Professor John J. Donovan and his team.

“Professor John J. Donovan taught the participants and me to continue redefining a problem until we could solve it.

“Professor John J. Donovan helped many of his employees and classroom participants, including me, to reach lofty goals. He would often come tearing into his office with an idea of how to help someone and everyone on the staff had to drop everything until this idea was fully realized.

“One remarkable characteristic of Professor John J. Donovan cannot be overstated. He has mentored many young people and established strong relationships with them. I am just one example. I learned many skills from Professor John J. Donovan. Other than Professor John J. Donovan, I have never seen someone develop a rapport with an audience with 100% consistency. It didn’t matter what country we were in or what the native language of the audience was., Professor John J. Donovan’s skill is communication and in that, he is non pareil. I have adapted many of his skills in my own performing both on stage as a musician and in the courtroom as a lawyer. It has helped to make me very successful. Additionally, Professor John J. Donovan has a sense of humor that will not quit He never gives up. His tenacity is contagious. If you are looking for someone to inspire while teaching, Professor John J. Donovan is your man.”

(See Mr. Lincoln's full testimonial)

Rakesh Khurana, Professor at Harvard Business School, Dean Harvard College



IMG-20150824-00712 rakesh john shadow

“I have known Professor John J. Donovan since 1991. We have co-founded Cambridge Technology Partners, and he was a colleague at MIT. John is an excellent teacher, mentor, and a person who has added value to many organizations. I have known him as a person of high integrity, who always delivers on his word.

“He has been an inspiration and mentor to all of his employees, including my wife. Many people have benefited greatly from working with John. His academic credentials of fundamental text books, papers in the field of operating systems are widely read and lauded, his research in computers and technology are part of the fundamental literature in those fields.”

(See Dr. Khurana's full testimonial)

Stuart E. Madnick, Professor at MIT

Professor Madnick


“I have known Professor John J. Donovan for over 25 years. John was my thesis adviser and colleague at MIT, joint developer and co-taught courses in EECS and Sloan at MIT, co-authored four books, and founded two companies together.

“We have maintained a personal relationship and mutual respect throughout our relationship. He is an extraordinary teacher and an extremely effective motivator and mentor. He is probably one of the most creative and high energy people that I know. These can be an especially important attributes in starting new educational and/or research activities.”

(See Dr. Madnick's full testimonial)

Sundar Subramaniam


Sundar john sendlater harvard

“Professor John J. Donovan has not only the scientific background but also the creativity that will add value to any institution. I have been fortunate to be his close partner and co-founder of series of companies since 1990, including OEC, C-Bridge, KMPG/CTG, Samsung/CTG, Business@Web. Concentric Vision. and co-teacher in his executive programs. Accordingly, having gotten to know John so well over the past years, He has always been a person of high honor. And has mine as well as many other’s complete trust. Numerous executives and most importantly his students and employees who he has mentored have been inspired by John.”

(See Mr. Subramaniam's full testimonial)

Professor John J. Donovan was asked by the chairman of AT&T to introduce a series of courses that would train his customer service representatives and sales people in computing and information technologies. He developed a series of four two week courses which some 5,000 students attended. In addition to that, they were conducted in a holistic environment to allow these students to be exposed to the most advance technology and art, literature, music, and American history. The following video captures that entire experience.

The Cambridge Center Experience

That same technical training continues today with companies such as Samsung.

2016 Sundar, Professor John J. Donovan David VP Samsung Innovation Center