These are 3 to 5 day, invitation only intense strategic Discovery Sessions for organizations that needed to meet a business challenge, opportunity or crisis. We will in one week: identify solutions, a business case, and implement a working pilot.

The programs are often sponsored by and organization like Samsung, HP, Oracle, Citi bank for their customers or by an organization themselves. Often requested when the organization is looking for a new business opportunity

See some short clips from the workshops, including the result of one given by CTG at Harvard 2014 to develop a sustainable Health information Network for the state of Maine:

A recent workshop at Samsung:

Professor John J. Donovan with Will Grayland GM Samsung Pay 2016


Value Proposition of “Strategic Discovery Sessions” for Participants

Participants will be able discover value added features to their present business strategy, develop a business case, and create a running pilot, jointly with the MIT, Harvard staff. Later present the results to senior management. In summary:

  1. A strategic opportunity
  2. A business case.
  3. A pilot implementation.

A wonderful intellectual experience at Harvard and MIT. This is a proven and successful workshop process. Following are some of the comments from past workshops that were used to discover significant business opportunities within each organization. The short videos are clips of the last day presentations to their senior executives: