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American Red Cross

Birth defects (joint with Tufts School of Medicine)

National Institute of Health

Clinical laboratory simluation (joint with Tufts School of Medicine)

New England Regional Commission

Support of New England Energy Management Information System (NEEMIS)

IBM Corporation

Security basic research

IBM/MIT Joint Study

Database basic research

National Bureau of Economic Research

Development of TROLL

Federal Energy Administration

Extension of Time Series Processing


Regional solar study


Planning and control system

U.S. Navy Underwater Systems Center

Data management

Defense Advanced Research & Planning Agency (DARPA)

Multics, DARPA net

Federal Energy Administration

Leading indicator

MIT Institute Funds

Genetic Medical Information System (GMIS) development

MIT Energy Laboratory Funds

Model integration

MIT Energy Laboratory Funds

Flag ship study

CISR Corporate Sponsors

Management information systems

U.S. Army and NASA


Brookhaven National Laboratory

Residential model

IBM Corporation

Home heating models

Scott Oil Company

Support data

MA State Energy Office

Development of ISEC, energy conservation

CT State Energy Office

Energy consumption, monitoring, building analysis, petroleum price data

VT State Energy Office

State automobile analysis, transportation data series

ME State Energy Office

Petroleum distributors survey, distributors and annual sales date

RI State Energy Office

Consumption monitoring procedures

NH State Energy Office

National environmental data series (boilers-emission, consumption, pollution)


Composite system, e.g. GMIS, DAZEL


Regional home heating study


GMIS modification for crisis management

Rome Air Development Center



Northeast regional solar study


model integration in MIT solar voltaics study