1994-present Professor John J. Donovan Advised Chairman Lee and Executive Board of Samsung on internet strategy, Samsung repressents 20% of South Korea's GNP, Jay Lee, Vice Chairman, Samsung, Boston Gardens
2002-2010 Professor John J. Donovan and CTG Developed US navy Sailor retention system, On line auction Assignment (Picture #2), Admiral Shuford
2002-present Professor John J. Donovan, Navy, in Fleet and Manpower Readiness (Picture #1), US Navy Human resource system "Sea Warrior" system developed at CTG deployed on every ship in US navy, Admiral Shuford, President of Naval War College, Admiral Vernan Clark, CNO cheif Naval Officer, US Navy Naval War College at college in New London Connecticut
2002-2006 Homeland Security, Professor John J. Donovan implemented for Jacksonville Florida, Jeb Bush, governor of Florida, George Bush, President, 2009, Pete Martinis, IBM Florida, Chairman Palm Beach Medical College, Sheriff of Deval County Jacksonville, Florida, Rutherford, Mayor John Peyton, Jacksonville
1988-2005 Air Force,Professor John J. Donovan, Adviser Strategic Transformation of Information Technology, General Raduege US Air Force, head DISA, Defense Information Systems Agency, Myron Anderson Division Cheif logisistics U.S. Air Force Workshop result for US Air Force mission crtical Inventory emergency system MICAP
2001-present Professor John J. Donovan, US Congressman, John Tierney, Essex County Massachusetts praise US Department of Defense, Security, JPEN system. Sponsored by General Myers Chairman Joint Chief of Staff, supported by Mr. Robert Muller, Director FBI; Jointly by General Keith Kellogg Director J6 and Professor John J. Donovan (Picture #2), presented to President George Bush, Opening of Samsung chip factory, Texas, General Keith Kellogg, retirement Washington President George Bush, Secretarty PF Defense Donald Rumsfield, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Woldowitz, Former secretary of Defense, Dr. James Schlesinger, Secretary of Homeland, Security, Tom Ridge
1981-present Professor John J. Donovan, Adviser to President Bush on Information Technology
1981-1989 Professor John J. Donovan, Adviser to President Reagan on DARPA Research Technology Dr. Craig Field, Chief Scientist, DARPA, strategy session at Profesor Donovan's home, President Reagan to Presidential Inaugural Ball, Washington, DC (1981), Burt Reynolds, Charlton Heston, Mrs . Nancy Reagan, Frank Sinatra — "Dutch day", Professor John J. Donovan in attendance. The day everybody calls President Reagan "Dutch"
1982-2006 Professor John J. Donovan working with senator Edward Kennedy on Economic development in state of Massachusetts and the nation, No child Left Behind, Professor John J. Donovan
1982 White House and the Department of Health, Education and Welfare Task Force of training and retraining in business and labor, Department of Agriculture (Picture #1), Dr. Frank Rose, University Associates, Washington DC, secretary of Health, John Block, 1982
1979-1981 (Adviser to President Carter) Professor Dnoovan Adviser to President Carter on US/USSR Technology, Admiral Hyman Rickover, soviet prime minister, 1980
1979-1981 (Memeber, National Academy) Professor John J. Donovan, Member, National Academy of Sciences Advisory Committee, USSR/US Technology, Senator John Kerry, (Secretary of State, 2015)
1977-1985 Prfessor Donovan worked with Tip O'Neill, Speaker of the House, on passing Birth Defects Legislature, GMIS birth defects information system
1976 Professor John J. Donovan adviser to President Ford and New England Governors on economic issues in energy (Picture #1), Dean Bill Pounds, MIT Sloan School, David White director of MIT Energy Lab, Lt., Governor Tip O'Neil, Mr. W. Keating, director of New England Regional Commission, Neemis System
1975, 1991 Professor John J. Donovan, Area Co-Director of Management and Computers, AFIPS National Conference
1972, 2004 Professor John J. Donovan, Co-Chairman, Networks of Computers Conference, Sponsored by National Security Agency
1972 Professor John J. Donovan, Chairman, Technical Program, (Picture #1), Association of Computing Machinery, Professor Peter Denning, Purdue
1971-1972, 1982 Professor John J. Donovan, National Lecturer for ACM (Association for Computing Machines)
1971 Professor John J. Donovan, Member, University Space Research Association, Advisory Committee
1971, 1976 Professor John J. Donovan, Member, Computer Center Visiting Committee, Steven's Institute of Technology and Brookings Institute fellow
1970 Professor John J. Donovan, Member, Honeywell Research Advisory Board
1969-1975 Professor John J. Donovan award from Submarine Fleet Navy Underwater Sound-Lab new London Connecticut, Researcher