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Published articles (partial list )

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  2. SendItLater Press Release, “SendItLater Appoints Christina Dolan as Chairman of the board” 2015
  3. SendItLater Press Release, “SendItLater Partners with Casting for Recovery for Preview Launch”, 2015
  4. SendItLater Press Release, “Vermont Ingenuity with Heart”, Vermont Standard, 2015
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  7. "Conservation Award", Essex Trail Association award for conservation,  Hamilton Wenhm Cronical September 2009
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  10. "Hamilton Couple Builds baseball diamond"Constructed ball fields, soccer fields, field hockey fields, and donated, Salem News, April 24 , 2001
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  15. "Borland to Aquire Open Environment Corporation", SEC Info, May 13 1996
  16. Commendation for development of a valuable "counter-terrorism tool for all U.S. military services", Arm Forces Journal, Jan 2004
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Danmark er den grimme aeling, Danmark IT-AVIS, 12 Nov 1999, Denmark [Danish]

Keep moving, Keep moving, El Financiero, 2001, Costa Rica [Spanish]

Nace Una Estrella, May-June 1998 [Spanish]

No Internet, No Future for Your Company, The Business HanKyong Weekly, 21 July 1998, Korea [English and Korean]

Open IT Infrastructure is Required in Conjunction with Right Business Strategy, The Electronic Times, 13 July 1998, Korea [English and Korean]

Professor John J. Donovan Seminar an Eye-Opener to Participants, Netherlands [Dutch and English]

Reinventarse O Morir, Sep-Oct 1996 [Spanish]

Speel het spel, maar weet waar je aan begint, Inter Aegon, Dec 1997 [Dutch]

Un Soporte Para El Cambio, Mercado, July 1998, Argetina [Spanish]

Zweite Industrielle Revolution, Interactive, 11 Dec 1997, Germany [German]


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