Established the following organizations for charity: Professor John J. Donovan’s dream was to establish a legacy of the Donovan family for benefiting people through charitable giving. To that end he created 26 companies market cap $10.6 billion dollars.
1981 Donovan Legacy (picture #1). Professor John J. Donovan Dream - A Legacy for His Children
1972-present Donovan Conservation LLC (Sagamore Hill LLC 1.pdf on John’s computer) -700 acres land assembled to be given to charity to remain as open space for the community to enjoy.
1991-present Park and Trails at Devon Glen to be given to charity as per Devon Glen LLC (Devon Glen LLC.pdf on john’s computer)
1990 Sisters of Notre Dame Ipswich facility
1985-2002 Park by the Sea, Seagate LLC
2000 MIT – 219 Vassar street Cambridge mass CTG