2012-present Professor John J. Donovan, creation of John Donovan Park: 62 acres, ball fields, trails
2010-present Boston University; Professor John J. Donovan endowed Professor John J. Donovan scholarship fund (Picture #1) for students from Lynn English High, Jay Lee Chairman of Samsung
2009 Professor John J. Donovan, Essex County Trail Association land conservation award (picture with Don Little VP UBS, MFH, Linda Donovan), Don Little Vice President, UBS Boston, UBS
2008 Professor John J. Donovan donated to town of Pomfret, VT land for use for Pomfret, Vermont Fire Station
2004-2010 Professor John J. Donovan constructed ball fields, soccer fields, field hockey fields, and donated for use to Hamilton Recreation Department link to actual article depicted in #1
2002 Professor John J. Donovan worked with Senator Ted Kennedy on No Child Left Behind program in Massachusetts
2000-present Professor John J. Donovan scholarships at Yale University for students of city workers from Hamilton, Manchester, and Ipswich (Picture #1)
1982-2010 Professor John J. Donovan Children’s Potential Unlimited, Founder (Picture #1)
1995-present Scholarships at Yale University, general trust (Picture #1)
1991-1994 Professor John J. Donovan Donated and Installed Computers in Schools in Lynn, Massachusetts (Picture #1)
1987-1995 Professor John J. Donovan Member of the Visitors’ Committee, (Picture #1), Boston Museum of Fine Arts, benefactor of Fogg Art museum, Al Stubblefield president, Florida
1985-2010 Professor John J. Donovan Charitable Events, Manchester Mass Arts Council, Sacred Heart Guild, etc. in Manchester home (Picture #1,#2,#3)
1971-present “Professor John J. Donovan Reservation” - Professor John J. Donovan created and preserved 450 acres of open land for agricultural and recreation use in Hamilton, Essex, and Ipswich. Donated stables for charitable use #5, And proposed preservation of Hamilton Forest #4
1976-presentProfessor John J. Donovan preserved land in Pomfret, VT