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Yale University
1964 Yale: A dream for me… my journey to New Haven with everything I owned on the scooter; Yale Club Of New York, Yale graduate President George W. Bush
1990-2012 Fellow, Silliman College,1990 (picture #1), 2002 (picture #2), 2009 (picture #3), Master of Silliman College, Judith Krauss, Mary Goldsmith, Master Silliman college theme from "Love Story"
2009- 2012 Adjunct professor emeritus Yale, faculty member, retired associate fellow term (picture #3 1990-2012), Adjunct professor emeritus, Yale Sterling Library
2010-2011 Associate Yale (picture #1), Berkley College, Yale, Yale Associate
1996 Yale School of Organization and Management Business and IT Committee (picture #1). Dean Paul MacAvoy, Dean Jeffrey Garten, Dean Stanley Garstka, Professor Edward Kaplan, School of Management Yale University, Professor Roger Porter, University of Rochester Simon School
1990-present Yale University Benefactor (picture #1), Professor John J. Donovan Endowed Scholarship (picture #2), Jerome Pollitt, Dean, Classical Archaeology and History of Art, Clievedon House England
1968-present Yale Engineering Association, Yale Engineering President Clinton
1964-1966 Research Assistant (Picture #1) Yale Medical School, Joint PhD. degree between Yale: graduate school, engineering school, and medical school. Dr. David Seligson MD Department of clinical Pathology, Yale Medical School Dean Noble, graduate, studies Berkley College, Yale sterling engineering building
1964 Yale University graduate student high honors awarded Masters of Engineering
1964-present Yale transcript, PhD. in Class, Yale Alumni: Yale transcript, Masters of Engineering, Yale College, 1964 (picture #3) Ph.D. ‘67, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; M. S. ‘65, Engineering and Applied Science (picture #5), Master of Engineering, Yale College, 1964, (picture #6), Joint Research and degree Yale medical school, graduate school, school of engineering, (picture #9)
1964-1966 Teaching Assistant, Engineering and Applied Sciences
1992 Lecturer,Yale Fall Computer Science Series, Yale old campus in front of Nathan Hale statue
1967-2011 Yale Alumni Association,
1995-present Professor John J. Donovan Family Scholarship Fund (picture #3), North Shore of Boston, Lynn Mass Professor John J. Donovan, Donovan father principle Connery Elementary School, Lynn, Mass

Yale Alumni Family

Yale Alumni Seal
Yale Alumni - Family
1989-1991 president Benno Schimidt
1990 Mary Jo Donovan Assisting at Yale (Mary Jo Resume Picture #3 MIT)

Yale Collegues

Colleagues Lectured with in CTG Executive programs

1995-2005 Dean Paul MacAvoy, Website, Ph.D. Yale ‘60, School of Management, Corporate Governance Lectured on Deregulation, Royal Bermuda Yacht club, Yale/Harvard football game, Bermuda, Winsor Beach
1998 Dean James Nondorf, Vice President, University of Chicago, LinkedIn B.S. Yale ‘90, Director of Admissions at Yale, CEO of CTG
1991-2014 Paul Van de Geijn, CEO AGEON, Ross Perot, CEO EDS, Presidential candidate, Signature Logan Airport , Mid Ocean Club Bermuda, Daru Darukhanavala, CIO British Petroleum, John Leggate, CTO British petroleum
1989-1995 President Benno Schmidt, (add picture #6 1989-1991) B.A., LLD, Yale, Yale President Lectured on Challenges of the president of Yale