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Tufts School of Medicine
1973-Present Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Tufts School of Medicine, Benefactor, Sydney Gellis, MD, Head Tufts Department of pediatrics, Doctor Andrew's Institite, Surgical Unit with Dr. Andrews
1973-1990 Development of The American Red Cross National Networking System (picture #1), Natalie Painchaud, CTG, Kritina Urkin, and Shivsani Grover
1978-1984 Director and Board Member (picture #1), Tufts New England Center for Birth Defects, Dr. Gellis M.D, tufts medical, Dr. Bishop M.D, Dr. Bergsma, M.D, red cross Chairman
1974-1983 Member, Scientific Staff, (Pediatrics), (picture #1), Tufts New England Medical Center
1974 Tufts School of Medicine, Citation for Birth Defects for research and dedication to medical education (picture #1), From Lauro R. Cavazos, Dean of Tufts School of Medicine
1984 Benefactor, Tufts Veterinarian School
1959-1963 Tufts University Scholarship award, (picture #1), with friend, Egils Zarins, ATT BELL Labs, Tufts alumni
1972-1981 Tufts Phi Sigma Kappa
1963-present Tufts Alumni, (picture #1),, (B. S., ‘63 Electrical Engineering, (Deans List), (picture #2,)/joint courses with MIT, (picture #3), Professor Bruce Wedlock, MIT), Tufts University
1974, 1979 Tufts School of Medicine, Award for Valued Member of the Faculty (picture #1), Lauro F. Cavazos, Dean at Tufts School of Medicine

Tufts Alumni Family