University of Economics, Prague Seal

University of Economics, Prague

1996 University of Economics, Prague, Professor Donovan appointment, Visiting Scholar (picture #1), City of Prague
Texas Tech Seal

Texas Tech University

1969-1972 Texas Tech, Professor Donovan appointment, Professor, Engineering Analysis and Design (picture #1)
1970-1971 Texas Tech, Professor Donovan appointment, Adjunct Professor, Engineering Analysis and Design (picture #1), taught Stystems Programming, used video of MIT course, Advanced Systems Programming, (picture #3)
University of Rhode Island Logo

University of Rhode Island

1970-1994 University of Rhode Island, Professor Donovan appointment as Visiting Professor, taught CS 512 Advanced Programming Systems (picture #1), Underwater Sound Labs, Kingston Campus, and at Naval Underwater Systems Center, New London, Connecticut, Naval War College, New London, Rhode Island
Georgetown University Seal

Georgetown University Medical Center

1975-1994 Georgetown University, Professor Donovan, Member of the Executive Advisory Board (picture #1), Professor Donovan working with the American Red Cross
Oxford Logo

Oxford University

1971-2010 Oxford University, Professor Donovan, Lecturer, "System Programming", Oxford Arboretum, London Victory Monument
BU Seal

Boston University

2010-present Boston University, Professor Donovan, Benefactor, Endowed “Donovan Scholars,” scholarships (picture #3), Professor Donovan benefactor of Lynn English High School, Massachusetts
1938 Boston University, Professor Donovan's father graduated, John J. Donovan Sr., M.S. ‘38
1938 Boston University, Professor Donovan, Aunt, Sister Mary Louise Donovan, AB M. Edu. ‘38 (picture #1)

Palm Beach Medical College

2010-2012 Palm Beach Medical College, Professor Donovan appointment as Chief Science Advisor (picture #1), Holly Sergeant, Development Harvard, Carlos Martini MD, Director of Palm Beach Medical College, Pete Martinis, formally IBM, Chairman Palm Beach Medical School
Wellesley College Seal

Wellesley College

1981-1993 Wellesley College, Professor Donovan as Lecturer (picture #1), Nancy Tobin, Director Career Center, Wellesley College, MIT / Wellesley, Cross Registration program at MIT and Wellesley
Berkley Logo

University of California Berkeley

1966 University of California, Berkeley, Professor Donovan, Visiting Lecturer, "Formal Systems"
Sorbonne Logo

University of Paris, Sorbonne

1970-1971 University of Paris, Sorbonne, Summer, Professor Donovan, Visiting Lecturer on Operating Systems
Bergen Emblem

University of Bergen, Norway

1970 University of Bergen, Norway, Professor Donovan, Visiting Lecturer, Multiplexed Information Systems
Stanford Logo

Stanford University

1967 Stanford University, Professor Donovan, Lecturer, "Canonic Systems and Programming Languages"
Cornell Seal

Cornell University

1959-present Cornell University, Professor Donovan’s Undergraduate Acceptance, Lecturer (picture #1)
  • Professor Donovan's Acceptance Letter to Cornell (1959)
University of Rochester Logo

University of Rochester

Cambridge Seal

Cambridge University

1971-2001 Cambridge University, Professor Donovan, Lecturer, Doctorate Thesis, Canonical Systems, "Punting" on the Cambridge River in Cambridge University
1987 Cambridge University, Alumnus, Professor Donovan's son, John Donovan, ‘87 (picture #1)
Norwegian University of Science and Technology Logo

University of Trondheim, Norway

1971 University of Trondheim, Norway, Summer, Professor Donovan, Visiting Lecturer, "Virtual Machines: Advantages in Security, Integrity and Decisions Support Systems" (1968)
University of Manchester Logo

University of Manchester

1970-1988 University of Manchester, Professor Donovan, Lecturer, “Beyond Chief Information Officer of Network Manager”
University of Oslo Logo

University of Oslo, Norway

1973-1998 University of Oslo, Norway, Professor Donovan, Lecturer, "Simulation Languages," (1975)
Edinburgh Logo

University of Edinburgh, UK

1971-1994 University of Edinburgh, UK, Professor Donovan, Lecturer, "A Graphical Facility for Investigations in Simulation and Simulation Languages"
University of Pittsburgh Logo

University of Pittsburgh

1973, 1975, 1983 University of Pittsburgh, Professor Donovan, Appointment to Evaluation Doctorate Committee (picture #1)
GT Seal

Georgia Tech

UPenn Shield

U of Penn

1970-1973, 1992 Professor Donovan, Appointment to ACM National Lectureship - Georgia Tech, U of Penn, American University, Iowa University , Missouri University, New York College
IIT Logo

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay India

1998 Indian Institute of Technology, Professor Donovan, Lecturer, used his book "Operating Systems"