Academic Resume

MIT Seal MIT Faculty Website: E-mail:
1966-Present MIT Faculty - TenuredProfessor at Sloan School in Management and Professor in Electrical Engineering, member MIT Project MAC, Energy Lab, CISR, MIT Faculty Webpage,
1977-present MIT Permanent Tenure Awarded by Dean Abe Siegel and Jerome Weisner.
Business Re-Engineering with Information Technology by Professor John J. Donovan (1994)
2009-Present Received an Honorary Doctorate in Economics University of Economics, Prague
1996-Present Certificate of Recognition, 31 Years of MIT Service,teaching Systems Programming MIT
1966-present MIT Quarter Century Club, Lifetime Membership Award (picture 1)
1989-1997 Adjunct Professor of Management, MIT, Sloan School, Sloan Fellows, MIT Walker Memorial
1966-1975 Teaching award Electrical Engineering courses taught at MIT:(see MIT course catalog), 6.47 (introduction to computers with Kurger, Susan, "Pedagogical Aids for Programming") 6.251, 6.802, 6.253, 6.542, 6.681, 6.273, 6.53S, 6.857, 6.79
Software Projects: Pedagogical Aids for Software Education and Research Hardcover by Professor John J. Donovan, Stuart Madnick (1977).
Authored and used Professor John J. Donovan’s books:
1974-1988 Graduate level management courses taught: MIT Sloan School Courses taught 15.571, 15.565, 15.568, 15.564, 15.561, Sloan School Catalogue courses, Teaching programs
Authored and used Professor John J. Donovan Books:
1968-1997 51 Theses Supervised, Gutentag, Louis M., “GMIS: Generalized Management Information Systems”, M.S., 1976 Madnick, Stuart E.: “Storage Hierarchy Systems”, 1973, Ph.D
1973-1980 Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) Executive Committee, Principal Investigator, Abe Siegel, Professor Alan Silk, Harvard and Charles Brown CEO, AT&T
1977-1978 Management Information Science Steering Committee, (Picture #1) Sloan School MIT, Management Information Systems group Sloan School, Madnick, Dean Michael, Scott Morton
1970-1985 Community Catalyst Program Member Indian Ridge Farm, Ipswich, Mass
1970-1990 Industrial Liaison Program MIT - Faculty Representative (Picture #1), Professor John J. Donovan visits to Olivetti, Italy, Siemens, Germany One relationship HP, CEO Lou Platt
1973-1990 Associate Professor of Management, Sloan School (tenured)(Picture #2) Associate Professor of management science. Taught with Professor Jay Forrester, founder MIT systems dynamics, inventor of core memory, and Michael Dertouzos , Head MIT Laboratory of computer Science
Operating Systems by Professor John J. Donovan and Stuart E. Madnick (Oct 1974, 18 printings ’79, ’81. ’84. ’91. 2009)
1970-1972 Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

Associate Professor Of MIT EE Department (picture #4)

MIT Department of computer science, course 6A

Systems Programming by Professor John J. Donovan (McGraw-Hill computer science series) Mar 1972, 11 printings, ’74, ’79. ’84, ’91, ’08
1966-1970 Assistant Professor of MIT Electrical Engineering Assistant Professor of EE (picture #5), MIT Department of computer science course 6A, Teaching courses 6.47, introduction to computers, book to be loaded into ssrn, 6.251 systems programming. Research on the MULTICS system
Instructor's Manual to Accompany Systems Programming by Professor John J. Donovan (McGraw-Hill, 1972 - Computer programming - 157 pages
1966-1968 Post-doctoral Engineering fellow, Department of Electrical Engineering Teaching Introduction to computer courses course 6A (Picture #1) research in MIT Project MAC on multiprocessing
1974-1983 Founding Member and faculty (picture #1), Sloan School Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) associate Professor, Founder Tufts Center for Birth Defects, Chairman MITROL, Co-founder Intercomp,President Carter’s Presidential committee, on USSR and USA computer technology, taught with professor Michael Hammer Charles Brown CEO ATT early case
Opportunities in Technology by Professor John J. Donovan (1989, 1994)
1976-1981 Principal Investigator MIT Energy Laboratory , (Picture #1) press conference , Professor John J. Donovan, Dean Bill Pounds MIT, Sloan School, Lt Governor Tip O’Neil Jr. 1978, Decision Support Group, Energy Laboratory, Developer of NEEMIS, Mr. W. Keating director of New England regional commission, David White Director MIT Energy Laboratory, Arch McGill, Vice President, AT&T
1967-1976 Member (Picture #1) Project MAC, Development Team of Multics, predecessor to UNIX
1979-1988 MIT, Undergraduate Admission and Financial Aid Committee, Faculty Representative (Picture #1), Tufts Admissions
1973-1995 MIT, Undergraduate Research Opportunity (UROP) Advisor (Picture #1)
1970-1982 Freshman Advisor, MIT Interactions at MIT, and at Professor John J. Donovan’s home
1977-1989 Donovan in PHD Program (Picture #1) PHD Program in Management (picture teaching, John Derubeis, outstanding person, Wellesley/MIT wonderful girl) Harvard Fogg Art Museum
1968-1977 Lecturer basic computer courses (Picture #1), Lowell Institute (Community Institute of MIT)
1970-1974 ACM National Lecturer (Picture #1)
1970-2001 Course 6A - Course 15, Graduate Councilor and Adviser
1975-1984 Lecturer Professor John J. Donovan (Picture #1) Sloan Fellows Program
1974-1983 Lecturer Professor John J. Donovan (picture #1) Sloan Senior Executive Program
1974-1994 Sloan Urban Executive Program, Lecturer and further reserach into urban challenges, Athens, Geneva
1967-present Intramural Basketball, Member MIT intermural team, Alumni Pool,
1983-present MIT Benefactor (Picture #1), to MIT Sailing, MIT crew, MIT sailing pavilion, MIT boat house
1970-present Benefactor of Crew Shells (picture #1), Nautical Association, Sailing, MIT intermural sailing, Linda Donovan
1970-1972 MIT Student Teaching Award for best and most difficult course 6.251 Teaching systems programming, MIT gym
1963-1968 Professor John J. Donovan MIT post-Doctoral Fellow, MIT Undergraduate student in joint program with Tufts Professor John J. Donovan Official Alumni Site, MIT, Professor Bruce Wedlock
1969 David Schultz Award for Excellence in Teaching, (Picture #1), Systems Programming course, Operating systems course
1963-Present Trustee,(Picture #1), Community Service Fund, J Wiesner, President, MIT, President Kennedy science advisor, Continuation of community and children assistance

MIT Alumni Family

MIT Alumni Logo  
1981-1985-present MIT Alumni: Wife Mary Jo Donovan (Bunker, Bovich), MBA, '84, Management) (Picture #2), BS, 1974, Magna cum Laude, Michigan Scholar 4.0 cum, Michigan Univeristy, Flint, Michigan, (1974-1980), Burroughs, ATT, highest awards for leadership and sales
1963, 1967-68 Professor John J Donovan, (post-doctorate fellow 1968, joint B.S with Tufts 1963)

MIT Alumni Colleagues

  MIT Colleagues lectured with in CTG Executive Programs
1991-1995 Cambridge Technology group lecturer, Professor Nicholas Negroponte, Wiki, Linked-In, Lectured on Multimedia
1977-present Teaching with Professor John J. Donovan, Professor Stuart Madnick, Wiki Linked-In, MIT Sloan Lectured on decision support systems
1994 Mr. John S. Reed, Wiki, CEO Citicorp, MIT Sloan Board Lectured on Citicorp’s atm
1993-1998 Lecturing CTG programsProfessor Jack Rockart, MIT Page MIT Sloan School, Director, CISR center for information science, Linked-in,Lectured on critical success factors
1994-2010 Professor Paul MacAvoy, Alternative, MIT Department of Economics, Lectured on Deregulation, Woodstock Inn
1994 Professor Randy Davis, Wiki, MIT Sloan School, Talked on a "New view of intellectual property and software"
1990 Dean Abraham Siegel, Wiki, MIT Sloan School Challenges on business school education
1983-1990 Mary Jo Donovan, Bovich, Bunker, MIT, Sloan School MBA (Picture #1) talked on Effective sales Techniques, President George H W Bush, 100 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, Mass apartment
1989 Dr. Craig Fields, Bloomberg, Chief Scientist DARPA, MIT Ph.D., MIT sponsor of project MAC, research in DARPA, Lecturing with Donovan CTG/Seagate, CTG Lecturing, Lectured on Advanced technology
1979 Professor J. C. R. Licklider, Biography, MIT, E.E., Project MAC Lectured on The story of time sharing



Yale University Seal

Yale University
1964 Yale: A dream for me… my journey to New Haven with everything I owned on the scooter; Yale Club Of New York, Yale graduate President George W. Bush
1990-2012 Fellow, Silliman College,1990 (picture #1), 2002 (picture #2), 2009 (picture #3), Master of Silliman College, Judith Krauss, Mary Goldsmith, Master Silliman college theme from "Love Story"
2009- 2012 Adjunct professor emeritus Yale, faculty member, retired associate fellow term (picture #3 1990-2012), Adjunct professor emeritus, Yale Sterling Library
2010-2011 Associate Yale (picture #1), Berkley College, Yale, Yale Associate
1996 Yale School of Organization and Management Business and IT Committee (picture #1). Dean Paul MacAvoy, Dean Jeffrey Garten, Dean Stanley Garstka, Professor Edward Kaplan, School of Management Yale University, Professor Roger Porter, University of Rochester Simon School
1990-present Yale University Benefactor (picture #1), Professor John J. Donovan Endowed Scholarship (picture #2), Jerome Pollitt, Dean, Classical Archaeology and History of Art, Clievedon House England
1968-present Yale Engineering Association, Yale Engineering President Clinton
1964-1966 Research Assistant (Picture #1) Yale Medical School, Joint PhD. degree between Yale: graduate school, engineering school, and medical school. Dr. David Seligson MD Department of clinical Pathology, Yale Medical School Dean Noble, graduate, studies Berkley College, Yale sterling engineering building
1964 Yale University graduate student high honors awarded Masters of Engineering
1964-present Yale transcript, PhD. in Class, Yale Alumni: Yale transcript, Masters of Engineering, Yale College, 1964 (picture #3) Ph.D. ‘67, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; M. S. ‘65, Engineering and Applied Science (picture #5), Master of Engineering, Yale College, 1964, (picture #6), Joint Research and degree Yale medical school, graduate school, school of engineering, (picture #9)
1964-1966 Teaching Assistant, Engineering and Applied Sciences
1992 Lecturer,Yale Fall Computer Science Series, Yale old campus in front of Nathan Hale statue
1967-2011 Yale Alumni Association,
1995-present Professor John J. Donovan Family Scholarship Fund (picture #3), North Shore of Boston, Lynn Mass Professor John J. Donovan, Donovan father principle Connery Elementary School, Lynn, Mass

Yale Alumni Family

Yale Alumni Seal
Yale Alumni - Family
1989-1991 president Benno Schimidt
1990 Mary Jo Donovan Assisting at Yale (Mary Jo Resume Picture #3 MIT)

Yale Collegues

Colleagues Lectured with in CTG Executive programs

1995-2005 Dean Paul MacAvoy, Website, Ph.D. Yale ‘60, School of Management, Corporate Governance Lectured on Deregulation, Royal Bermuda Yacht club, Yale/Harvard football game, Bermuda, Winsor Beach
1998 Dean James Nondorf, Vice President, University of Chicago, LinkedIn B.S. Yale ‘90, Director of Admissions at Yale, CEO of CTG
1991-2014 Paul Van de Geijn, CEO AGEON, Ross Perot, CEO EDS, Presidential candidate, Signature Logan Airport , Mid Ocean Club Bermuda, Daru Darukhanavala, CIO British Petroleum, John Leggate, CTO British petroleum
1989-1995 President Benno Schmidt, (add picture #6 1989-1991) B.A., LLD, Yale, Yale President Lectured on Challenges of the president of Yale


Harvard Logo

Harvard University

2010-Present Visiting scholar, Joint MIT/Harvard, Professor John J. Donovan in Harvard Yard, in front of University Hall and John Harvard Statue. Svetlana Dotsenko, Harvard student, Harvard Business School, Baker Library, Harvard Bloomberg Building, Harvard, Harvard Club of Boston
1984-1993 Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Lecturer, Strategic Computing (picture #1), Architect Richardson, Harvard Science Center Building
Crisis in Technology by Professor John J. Donovan (1992)
2012-2014 Harvard Faculty Club CTG Executive Program with Andrews Institute, HIN Health Information Network, State of Maine, Samsung, Widener Library
1990-present Harvard University, Benefactor (picture #1), The Harvard Krokodiloes, Benefactor at Fog Art Museum (picture #1), Harvard Faculty Club, Van Gogh
1980-present Honorary Member, Harvard Krockodilos, (video of Grant of the Honor), (picture #3)
1992-present Harvard Forest, Benefactor (picture #1), Harvard Forestry, President Faust Harvard University, Appleton Memorial Chapel Harvard

Harvard Alumni Family

Harvard Alumni Logo

Harvard Alumni Family

1990-2011 Harvard Fellow, Linda J. Donovan, Harvard M.P.A ‘95., Ph.D.’08; Instructor, (picture #1), Harvard Kennedy School, Lectured on Economics and Business, (Picture #2), General Raduege, Head of DISA, Earl and Duke Harrington of London at Dunraven Arms Limerick Ireland, Ritz-Carlton jumer classic, Hamilton Mass
1982-1990 Mary Jo Donovan, MBA, (MIT Alumni Site), ‘'83 studied with Harvard Law, Lectured on Effective Sales Strategies, (MIT Resume)
1993 Dean Graham Allison, Professor Roger Porter
1989-1991 Professor John J. Donovan
1940-1992 Harvard Alumni Parents; Madeleine Marie Donovan, Harvard BA '92, (Picture #3), dedicated to community service, (Picture #4)
1938-1992 Professor John J. Donovan, Sr., Harvard School of Education teachers program, Dedicated to Community Service, Sisters of Notre Dame, Connery Elementary School, Lynn, Mass, Planning board

Harvard Colleagues

Harvard Colleagues Lectured within CTG Executive programs

Harvard /MIT Guest Lectures of CTG with Professor John J. Donovan Dean Graham Allison Harvard, Professor James Cash Harvard, Linda Chow CTG, Dr. Greg Fields MIT and DARPA, Larry Krakauer CTG, Professor Theodore Levitt Harvard, Professor Stuart Madnick MIT, Professor James McKenny Harvard, Professor Nicholas Negroponte MIT, Dr. Richard Nolan Harvard, Professor Marvin Surbu Carnegie Mellon (MIT) (1990 – 2014)


1990-2014 Professor Roger Fisher, Wikipedia Lectured CTG (Picture #1), Harvard Law School, Lectured on Negotiations
1990-present Professor Joseph Badaracco, Wikipedia, Linked-in Harvard Business School, Corporate Ethics Lectured on Ethics Head of Ethics group at the Harvard Business School, Wife Patricia O'Brien, Simmons College
1990-2011 Dean Albert Carnesale, Wikipedia, Harvard University, Kennedy School Dean, Provost; President Harvard University, Chancellor UCLA, Lectured on State of Education
1990-1993 President Neil Rudenstine, W ikipedia, Harvard University, President, Lectured on History of College Education
1990-1994 Professor Bill Hogan,, Harvard Kennedy School, Energy Policy Lectured on Energy Policy
1990-present Professor Roger Porter, Wikipedia Harvard Kennedy School, Center for Business and Government Director, Master Dunster House; Economic Advisor to Presidents Reagan and Bush and Ford, Lectured on Economic Productivity
1990-1995 Dean Graham Allison, Wikipedia, Harvard Kennedy School Dean, Lectured with CTG, Lectured on Nuclear Proliferation.
1990-1995 Professor Robert Reich, Wikipedia, Linked-in, Harvard Kennedy School, Secretary of Labor Clinton Administration, President Clinton, Lectured with CTG (picture #1)Lectured on Role of Government
1990-1995 Dean Richard Cavanaugh, Harvard Kennedy School Associate Dean, Lectured on Challenges of Education and Government
1990-1995 Professor James I. Cash, CTG Lectured, Harvard Business School, Lectured on Corporate IT
1990-2011 Professor Richard L. Nolan,, Harvard Business School, HBS profile, CTG lectured, Lectured on I.T Management
1990-2011 Professor Theodore Levitt, Harvard Business School, CTG Lectured, Lectured on Marketing, Harvard Business Review
2011 Professor F. Warren McFarlan, Bloomberg, Harvard Business School, Lectured on I.T and Business Strategy
1990-2011 Professor James L McKenney,, Bloomberg, Harvard Business School, CTG Lectured, (picture #1), Lectured on Issues facing senior executives
1990-2011 Harvard Fellow, Linda J. Donovan, Harvard M.P.A ‘95., Ph.D.’08; Instructor, (picture #1), Harvard Kennedy School, Lectured on Economics and Business, (Picture #2), General Raduege, Head of DISA, Earl and Duke Harrington of London at Dunraven Arms Limerick Ireland, Ritz-Carlton jumer classic, Hamilton Mass
1990-present Professor Rakesh Khurana, Wikipedia, Linked-in, Harvard Business School, colleague MIT and CTP, Lectured on the role of the CEO, University Hall
1982-1990 Mary Jo Donovan, MBA, (MIT Alumni Site), ‘'83 studied with Harvard Law, Lectured on Effective Sales Strategies, (MIT Resume)
1988-2011 Dr. Arno A. Penzias, Nobel Prize Laureate, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Lectured on Big Bang Theory of Universe and Management
1990-2011 Professor Thomas McGuire, Harvard Medical School, Lectured on Effective Uses of Medical Data, Harvard Medical School


Tufts University Seal

Tufts School of Medicine
1973-Present Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Tufts School of Medicine, Benefactor, Sydney Gellis, MD, Head Tufts Department of pediatrics, Doctor Andrew's Institite, Surgical Unit with Dr. Andrews
1973-1990 Development of The American Red Cross National Networking System (picture #1), Natalie Painchaud, CTG, Kritina Urkin, and Shivsani Grover
1978-1984 Director and Board Member (picture #1), Tufts New England Center for Birth Defects, Dr. Gellis M.D, tufts medical, Dr. Bishop M.D, Dr. Bergsma, M.D, red cross Chairman
1974-1983 Member, Scientific Staff, (Pediatrics), (picture #1), Tufts New England Medical Center
1974 Tufts School of Medicine, Citation for Birth Defects for research and dedication to medical education (picture #1), From Lauro R. Cavazos, Dean of Tufts School of Medicine
1984 Benefactor, Tufts Veterinarian School
1959-1963 Tufts University Scholarship award, (picture #1), with friend, Egils Zarins, ATT BELL Labs, Tufts alumni
1972-1981 Tufts Phi Sigma Kappa
1963-present Tufts Alumni, (picture #1),, (B. S., ‘63 Electrical Engineering, (Deans List), (picture #2,)/joint courses with MIT, (picture #3), Professor Bruce Wedlock, MIT), Tufts University
1974, 1979 Tufts School of Medicine, Award for Valued Member of the Faculty (picture #1), Lauro F. Cavazos, Dean at Tufts School of Medicine

Tufts Alumni Family

University of Economics, Prague Seal

University of Economics, Prague

1996 University of Economics, Prague, Professor Donovan appointment, Visiting Scholar (picture #1), City of Prague
Texas Tech Seal

Texas Tech University

1969-1972 Texas Tech, Professor Donovan appointment, Professor, Engineering Analysis and Design (picture #1)
1970-1971 Texas Tech, Professor Donovan appointment, Adjunct Professor, Engineering Analysis and Design (picture #1), taught Stystems Programming, used video of MIT course, Advanced Systems Programming, (picture #3)
University of Rhode Island Logo

University of Rhode Island

1970-1994 University of Rhode Island, Professor Donovan appointment as Visiting Professor, taught CS 512 Advanced Programming Systems (picture #1), Underwater Sound Labs, Kingston Campus, and at Naval Underwater Systems Center, New London, Connecticut, Naval War College, New London, Rhode Island
Georgetown University Seal

Georgetown University Medical Center

1975-1994 Georgetown University, Professor Donovan, Member of the Executive Advisory Board (picture #1), Professor Donovan working with the American Red Cross
Oxford Logo

Oxford University

1971-2010 Oxford University, Professor Donovan, Lecturer, "System Programming", Oxford Arboretum, London Victory Monument
BU Seal

Boston University

2010-present Boston University, Professor Donovan, Benefactor, Endowed “Donovan Scholars,” scholarships (picture #3), Professor Donovan benefactor of Lynn English High School, Massachusetts
1938 Boston University, Professor Donovan's father graduated, John J. Donovan Sr., M.S. ‘38
1938 Boston University, Professor Donovan, Aunt, Sister Mary Louise Donovan, AB M. Edu. ‘38 (picture #1)

Palm Beach Medical College

2010-2012 Palm Beach Medical College, Professor Donovan appointment as Chief Science Advisor (picture #1), Holly Sergeant, Development Harvard, Carlos Martini MD, Director of Palm Beach Medical College, Pete Martinis, formally IBM, Chairman Palm Beach Medical School
Wellesley College Seal

Wellesley College

1981-1993 Wellesley College, Professor Donovan as Lecturer (picture #1), Nancy Tobin, Director Career Center, Wellesley College, MIT / Wellesley, Cross Registration program at MIT and Wellesley
Berkley Logo

University of California Berkeley

1966 University of California, Berkeley, Professor Donovan, Visiting Lecturer, "Formal Systems"
Sorbonne Logo

University of Paris, Sorbonne

1970-1971 University of Paris, Sorbonne, Summer, Professor Donovan, Visiting Lecturer on Operating Systems
Bergen Emblem

University of Bergen, Norway

1970 University of Bergen, Norway, Professor Donovan, Visiting Lecturer, Multiplexed Information Systems
Stanford Logo

Stanford University

1967 Stanford University, Professor Donovan, Lecturer, "Canonic Systems and Programming Languages"
Cornell Seal

Cornell University

1959-present Cornell University, Professor Donovan’s Undergraduate Acceptance, Lecturer (picture #1)
  • Professor Donovan's Acceptance Letter to Cornell (1959)
University of Rochester Logo

University of Rochester

Cambridge Seal

Cambridge University

1971-2001 Cambridge University, Professor Donovan, Lecturer, Doctorate Thesis, Canonical Systems, "Punting" on the Cambridge River in Cambridge University
1987 Cambridge University, Alumnus, Professor Donovan's son, John Donovan, ‘87 (picture #1)
Norwegian University of Science and Technology Logo

University of Trondheim, Norway

1971 University of Trondheim, Norway, Summer, Professor Donovan, Visiting Lecturer, "Virtual Machines: Advantages in Security, Integrity and Decisions Support Systems" (1968)
University of Manchester Logo

University of Manchester

1970-1988 University of Manchester, Professor Donovan, Lecturer, “Beyond Chief Information Officer of Network Manager”
University of Oslo Logo

University of Oslo, Norway

1973-1998 University of Oslo, Norway, Professor Donovan, Lecturer, "Simulation Languages," (1975)
Edinburgh Logo

University of Edinburgh, UK

1971-1994 University of Edinburgh, UK, Professor Donovan, Lecturer, "A Graphical Facility for Investigations in Simulation and Simulation Languages"
University of Pittsburgh Logo

University of Pittsburgh

1973, 1975, 1983 University of Pittsburgh, Professor Donovan, Appointment to Evaluation Doctorate Committee (picture #1)
GT Seal

Georgia Tech

UPenn Shield

U of Penn

1970-1973, 1992 Professor Donovan, Appointment to ACM National Lectureship - Georgia Tech, U of Penn, American University, Iowa University , Missouri University, New York College
IIT Logo

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay India

1998 Indian Institute of Technology, Professor Donovan, Lecturer, used his book "Operating Systems"