Current Adventures

The academic, business, and personal activities Professor Donovan is involved in today.

Provisional Patents Professor John J. Donovan is developing now

  • US 62261524 - Systems, methods, hardware, and architecture for enabling worldwide payments of purchases from an ecommerce platform using a Smartphone Payment System
  • US 62261546 - Systems, methods and architecture for a functional, international Bitcoin bank
  • US 62287610 - Systems, methods and architecture for sending messages and gifts delayed in time
  • US 62286018 - Systems, methods and architecture for safeguarding against bullying and terrorism while sending secure, scheduled, complex messages, corresponding funds and physical gifts over the internet

Benefactor of Donovan Scholars Fellowships, First Scholar, Anjeza

Benefactor, Donovan Park and Donovan Park Ball Field, Hamilton, Ma.

Benefactor, John J. Donovan Reservation