Professor John J. Donovan Teaching

Greetings, I'd like to introduce you to my new podcast on entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, I can share with you real examples as opposed to many of my colleagues, who teach entrepreneurship without ever having been an entrepreneur themselves.

I have gained this experience that I want to share with you from my interactions with Fortune 2000 Companies in 72 countries and from exposure to some 35,000 executives as a professor at MIT and Chairman of Cambridge Technology Group. Additionally I have founded 28 companies with a total market cap of 10.6 billion dollars. During this journey, I have discovered the roadmap for the role of an entrepreneur within an existing company, as well as how to start a company, especially how an entrepreneur responds to disruptions in business, technology, health, government, etc. In short, an entrepreneur sees every crisis as an opportunity. This passion and roadmap, is captured in these podcasts and in my new book, The Entrepreneur.