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The perfect Entrepreneur strategy - upper right hand quadrant- take advantage of lazy (under utilized) assets, all those cars people own, let us turn them all in to taxies!

Finding lazy assets is described in the book The Entrepreneur by John Donovan.

Uber is taking advantage of anyone’s underutilized car and the underutilized time of many people. It’s wonderful that they have provided jobs to people that were unemployed and provided supplemental income to those already working jobs. This article describes the benefits to the stockholders, in that the company’s value surges past $50 Billion (WSJ 08/01/2015). There are advantages to drivers, too, of employment.

There are advantages to customers as they now have access to clean and efficient transport.

Further, this business was enabled through the use of wireless and apt technologies. The app was very well designed, simple to use, and accessible on most smart phones. Its wireless technology makes the experience delightful and easy.

For the entrepreneur, lazy assets exist everywhere. There are vacation homes that aren’t being utilized that could be rented, there are boats, and even people could be utilized for crowd sourcing of opinions on politicians and technologies. An entrepreneur could start companies in all of these areas.

Lazy assets and a disruptive technology- Uber is a great buy! Buy Uber stock!