John Donovan Resume


 Current Endeavors

Cambridge Technology Group (Chairman)

Dr. Andrews comments on Andrews Institute workshop and resulting educational institition. Video: Dr Andrews Press Conference about system developed by Professor Donovan

State of Maine, Dev Barker (video about business case, and one about how great the workshop was), Ruben King Shaw (video about bringing this to Washington)

SendLater (Vice Chairman)

Company allowing the construction of messages archived securely, sent with a gift at a future schedule date,


Research MIT Department of Economics - business/technology model "A Recipe for Saving America" 2010 (picture Senator LeMieux, Florida, Carrie Hanna)


Yale University

Fellow,Yale's Silliman College, (picture Master Krauss)

With Master Krauss

Hamilton Thorne

Member of Scientific Advisory Board. Research in regenerative medicine (picture, Meg Spencer, CEO edu Harvard , GW; Diarmaid Douglas, Co Founder ,edu Oxford, Harvard Hamilton, Holly T. Sargent , Harvard Kenedy School)


Donated ball field to Town of Hamilton, Massachusetts, Yale University Donovan Scholoships, Endowed the "Donovan Scholars" at Boston University, Professor Dononvan's father's alma mater. (first "Donovan Scholar" Anjeza Beharaj)




 Academic Career

 MIT (MIT faculty website), jjd_email

MIT seal

Faculty - served as tenured professor management, electrical engineering, member Project MAC, Energy Lab, CISR, affiliate Department of Econmics(picture at MIT graduation)



 Permanent Tenure Awarded (MIT ID # 900005071) (picture 1977 Sloan faculty, center)

Dean and Mrs Siegel MIT, Sloan School:

Dean and Mrs Siegel MIT, Sloan School 


Affiliate, Department of Economics



Certificate of Recognition, 31 Years of Service


Quarter Century Club Lifetime Membership Award


Adjunct Professor of Management, Sloan School Picture Teaching Sloan senior executives in Washington



Associate Professor of Management, Sloan School (tenured) (picture, teaching 15.571)


Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering (picture teaching 6.681, 15.571 "Operating Systems")

Teaching 6.681, 15.571 "Operating Systems"


Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering(picture, teaching 6.251 "Systems Programming")


Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Electrical Engineering (picture, teaching 6.47)


Founding Member, Sloan School Center for Information Systems Research(CISR)


Director, Decision Support Group, Energy Laboratory (Description) (Picture with Dean Pounds, Director White, Lt Govenor Tom O'Neil)


Member, Project MAC, Development Team ofMultics, predecessor to UNIX


Undergraduate Admission and Financial Aid Committee Faculty representative


Undergraduate Research Opportunity (UROP) Advisor


Freshman Advisor, MIT


PHD Program in Management (picture teaching, John Derubeis,outstanding person, Wellesley, wonderful girl)


Lecturer, Lowell Institute (Community Institute of MIT)


Trustee, Community Service Fund


ACM National Lecturer (reference letter)


Course 6A - Graduate Councilor and Adviser


Sloan Fellows Program, Lecturer(picture teaching)


Sloan Senior Executive Program, Lecturer (picture teaching)


Sloan Urban Executive Program, Lecturer 1974

Electrical Engineering courses taught: 6.251, 6.802, 6.253, 6.542, 6.681, 6.273, 6.53S, 6.857 & 6.79, 6.47 (picture E.E. Faculty)


Graduate Level Management courses taught: 15.571, 15.565, 15.568, 15.564, 15.561 (picn Endowed Scholorship


Thesis supervised: 54 (picture of thesis student Lou Gutentag MS '76 at graduation) (John Derobis)



Executive committee: Principal Investigator Center for Information Systems Research (CISR)


Management Information Science Steering Committee, Sloan School (picture with Prof Michael Scott Morton in MIS Brochure at Sloan)


Community Catalyst Program


Industrial Liaison Program - Faculty Representative(picture in ILO program)


Intramural Basketball (picture with team in MIT gym)


MIT Benefactor


Nautical Association (Crew)(picture sailing)


Student Teaching Award

1970, 1971, 1972

MIT AlumniOfficial Alumni Site, (Post Doctorate '68) Tufts / MIT joint undergraduate programMIT Professor Bruce Wedlock

1968, 1963

MIT Alumni Children:


MIT Alumni, Partner; colleague, friend Sundar Subramaniam, joint Harvard / MIT Health Science, MBA '04, Harvard M.S. '04 (picture with Sundar, Evelyn, Linda)

With Sundar, Evelyn, Linda


MIT Alumni: Wife, Mary Jo Donovan (Bunker, Bovich) , (MBA, 83, Management,) (picture with Mary Jo) (picture at Sloan School)


MIT Collegues lectured with in CTG Executive Programs

  1. Professor Nicholas Negroponte , MIT, Multimedia
  2. Professor Stuart Madnick , MIT Sloan School, decision support systems (picture teaching with)
    Teaching with Stuart Madnick
  3. Mr. John S. Reed , CEO Citicorp, MIT Sloan Board (picture teaching with)
  4. Professor Jack Rockart , MIT Sloan School, Director CISR, critical success factors (picture lecturing)
  5. Professor Paul MacAvoy , MIT Departmenmt of Economics (picture lecturing)
  6. Professor Randy Davis , MIT Sloan School
  7. Dean Abraham Siegle , MIT Sloan School, (picture with)
  8. Mary Jo Donovan, Bovich, Bunker, MIT, Sloan School MBA (photograph) (with President Bush) (Preparing)
    Mary Jo Donovan
  9. Dr. Craig Fields , Chief Scientist DARPA, MIT PhD MIT sponsor of project MAC, research in DARPA
  10. Professor J. C. R. Licklider , MIT, E.E., Project MAC
  11. Professor Hoo-Min Toong , MIT Sloan School
  12. Professor Sundar Subramaniam , Adjunct Professor Economics Brandeis, MIT '06, technologies for business

David Schultz Award for Excellence in Teaching(picture as E.E. Assistant Professor)

E.E. Assistant Professor




Yale Seal

Fellow, Silliman College1990, 2002, 2009(picture with Master Judith Krauss) (Fellows Letter of Duties)


Asscociate Yale



Yale School of Organization and Management Business and IT Committee (picture Dean Stanley Garstka, Professor Edward Kaplan 2010)


Yale University Benefactor, John J. Donova">at MIT, at functions 1, 2)


Yale Engineering Association


Research Assistant, Yale Medical School (picture at Yale with Maureen)



Yale University Fellowship awarded


Yale Alumni Ph. D '67, (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences ), M. S. '65 (Engineering and Applied Science), M. Eng, '64, (Yale College) (picture at graduation)

At Yale Graduation


Yale Alumni - children:


Movie at Yale of father, John and James


Teaching Assistant, Enginering and Applied Sciences


Lecturer, Fall Computer Science Series 1992

Collegues lectured with in CTG Executive programs (picture at Berkley College)

  1. Dean Paul MacAvoy Ph.D. Yale '60, School of Management, Corporate Governance (picture with Dean MacAvoy at University of Rochester)
  2. Dean James Nondof , B.S. Yale '90, Admissions (photograph with John, Yale '94)
  3. John J. Donovan III , B.A. Yale. '94, Left Hand / Right Hand Management Model
  4. President Benno Schmidt , B.A., LLD, Yale, Yale President, Challenges of The Decade

Yale Alumni Association (picture of favorite room)

In favorite room at Yale


John J. Donovan Family Scholorship Fund(picture Yale Development Office in Berkeley College)

1995, 2001


 Tufts - School of Medicinejjd_tufts_email

Tufts Seal

Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Technology in Medicine, Tufts School of Medicine1975, 1979, 1982, 1983, Picture of Pediatrics Department Head Dr. Sydney Gellis, MD and Mary Jo Bunker



Development of The American Red Cross National Networking System


Director and Board Member, Tufts New England Center for Birth Defects


Member, Scientific Staff (Pediatrics), Tufts New England Medical Center


Tufts School of Medicine, Citation for Birth Defects for research and dedication to medical education


Benefactor Tufts Veterinarian School (Picture President Jean Mayer, Mary Jo Donovan (Bunker, Bovich), Dean Veterinarian School at ceremony)

With President Jean Mayer, Mary Jo Donovan (Mary Jo Bovich), Dean Veterinarian School at ceremony


Tufts University Scholarship award


Tufts Phi Sigma Kappa (picture)


Tufts Alumni (B. S. '63 Electrical Engineering (Deans List) / joint courses with MIT Professor Bruce Wedlock, MIT) (picture at graduation with Egiles)



Tufts Alumni Children:

1982, 1985

Tufts School of Medicine, Award for Valued Member of the Faculty

1974, 1979


 Harvard University

Harvard Seal

Visiting scholor Joint MIT/Harvard (Id #02066094) (picture Professor in Harvard Yard)


Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Lecturer, Strategic Computing (picture teaching at Harvard)

Teaching at Harvard

1984, 1993

Harvard University, Benefactor


Harvard, HonoraryHarvard Krockodilos (pictures with 1, 2, 3, video of Grant of the Honor)



Harvard University, Harvard Forest Benefactor


Harvard Alumni Children


Harvard Alumni; Wife Linda J. Donovan (M.P.A, '95, Kennedy School, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Ph. D. '08, Public Policy, Kennedy School, teaching fellow, instructor) Master of Public Administration MPA '95 (Picture with Linda)



Harvard Alumni Parents; Madeleine Marie Donovan BA '92, (picture at graduation with brother, Paul F. Donovan) Dedicated to community, service, John J. Donovan Sr. Harvard School of EducationTeachers program (Picture in cap and gown), dedicated to community service (picture with sisters of Notre Dame, head start program)


Harvard colleagues - co-lectured in executive programs (picture at Harvard with Executives)

At Harvard with Executives

    1. Professor Roger Fisher, Harvard Law School, Negotiations
    2. Professor Joseph Badaracco, Harvard Business School, Corporate Ethics (picture Prof Badarracco) (recent lecture)
      Professor Joseph Badaracco
    3. Dean Albert Carnesale, Harvard University, Kennedy School Dean, Provost, President, State of Education (picture at Prof Donovan home)
    4. President Neil Rudenstine, Harvard University President, History of College Education
    5. Professor Bill Hogan, Harvard Kennedy School, Energy Policy
    6. Professor Roger Porter, Harvard Kennedy School, Center for Business and Government Director,Master Dunster House, Economic Advisor to Presidents Regan and Bush, Economic Productivity (picture at Dunster House)
      Professor Roger Porter
    7. Dean Graham Allison, Harvard Kennedy School Dean, Nuclear Proliferation(picture teaching with Prof Donovan)
    8. Professor Robert Reich, Harvard Kennedy School, Secretary of Labor, Role of Government
    9. Dean Richard Cavanaugh, Harvard Kennedy School Associate Dean, Challenges of Education and Government
    10. Professor James Cash, Harvard Business School, Corporate IT
    11. Professor Richard Nolan, Harvard Business School, Business Cycles
    12. Dr. Craig Fields, Harvard Faculty, Chief Scientest DARPA, Emerging Technologies (Dr Fields Lecturing at Seagate)



 Other Institutions

Boston University, Benefactor, Endowed "Donovan Scholars" scholarships (picture, article first scholar 2010), Father M.S. '38 (picture John J Donovan principal), Aunt, Sister Mary Louise Donovan AB M. Edu. '38 (picture Sister Mary SND) 2010-2011

Wellesley College-lecturer (picture with students at Wellesly, picture teaching at Sloan with Prof Madnick)


Texas Tech University, Professor, Engineering Analysis and Design(ID 017327915)


Texas Tech University, Adjunct Professor, Engineering Analysis and Design


Georgetown University Medical Center, Member of the Executive Advisory Board, Alumni Daughter Carolyn M. Donovan M. D. '94 (picture at graduation) (picture of family at Georgetown Medical School graduation, James, Carolyn, Dad, Maureen, Marilyn, John and Rebecca)


University of Rhode Island, Visiting Professor, taught CS 512 Adv Prog Sys, Underwater Sound Labs, Kingston Campus

1970, 1971, 1979

Oxford University, Lecturer (picture 1, 2, 3), System Programming (Holly Sargent greeting from Oxford) (picture at Oxford, son John at Oxford)

At Oxford

1971, 2001, 2010

University of California, Berkeley, Visiting Lecturer, "Formal Systems" (picture at Berkeley)


University of Paris, Sorbonne, Visiting Lecturer, "Operating Systems" Summer (picture in Paris)


University of Bergen, Norway, Visiting Lecturer, "Multiplaxed Information Systems"


Stanford University, Lecturer, "Canonic Systems and Prog Lang"

Cornell University  undergraduate acceptance '63, lecturer '84 '90 (picture at Cornell, with father, son John, daughter Carolyn) daughter alumni Rebecca Donovan '91 (video of Rebecca, Carolyn Yale /Cornell meet father, son John, Mary Jo)  

University of Rochester, Dean Paul MacAvoy, alumni, daughter, Maureen K. Donovan M.B.A. '91 (picture with Paul MacAvoy at graduation) (picture with Bill Simon, Maureen and Paul MacAvoy)


Cambridge University, Lecturer, (1995 Punting), doctorate thesis canonical systems, children alumni daughter Rebecca Donovan '86, son John Donovan '87, Rebecca's essay



University of Trondheim, Norway, Visitng Lecturer, "Design of Time Sharing Systems", Summer

University of Manchester, reference letter  

University of Oslo, Norway, Lecturer, "Simmulation Languages"


University of Edinburgh, UK, Lecturer, "A Graphical Facilitity for Int. Sim. Lang" (picture at University with Carolyn )


University of Pittsburgh, Visiting Professor, Evaluation Doctorate Committee

1973, 1975

University of Economics, Prague, Visiting Scholar


ACM National Lectureship - Georgia Tech, U of Penn, American University, Iowa, Missouri, New York College


MIT Lowell School, Lecturer




Untitled document


University of Economics Prague

University of Economics, Prague, Honorary Doctorate of Economics (first since communist takeover of country).
First Doctorate in Economics since the Communist take-over of Czechoslovakia (Ceremony) (Picture with Chancellor)



M.I.T. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, Post Doctorate (picture teaching as a post doctorate )



Yale University, Ph.D. (Highest Honors), Thesis Committee: Dr. Seligson, MD. School of Medicine, Prof. Wogrin, D.Eng, School of Engineering, Language exam German -6/28/65, French- 9/18/64 (picture Yale graduation) (reference letter)



Yale University, Master of Science (Honors) (picture with daughter Maureen at Yale's Berkley college)


Yale College, Master of Engineering (Honors, Fellowship) (picture in old campus in front of Nathan Hale)



Tufts College, BS Electrical Engineering (Dean's List), joint program with MIT, (picture with Egiles, friend, MIT, Bell Labs, introduced Manchester by the Sea)


Air Force, ROTC Second Lieutenant, (picture in uniform with brother Paul Donovan, in dress uniform)


Lynn English High School (National Honor Society)


St. John's Prep - Mathematics Scholar (picture 1958)


First Grade, Saint Pius Elementary School (picture top middle)



Sunny Day Kindergarten (picture 2nd row, middle)




Companies Created


1. Cambridge Technology Group ™ (CTG) Founder, Chairman , Executive Programs, Workshops, systems integration, tools, applications, incubator (Over 22 companies including CTP, OEC, I-Cube, One wave, C-Bridge, CSP, CTG/KPMG,IBCC, ICE, Concentric Vision,CTG/IBIRSIS, CIR, Cell Exchange, Advest, CTE) (picture with Maureen, Rebecca, Carolyn) (picture, collegues and founders) (Demonstration teams 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) (present team)


CTG Logo

2. Cambridge Technology Partners (CTP), Founder, Chairman, IPO 1993, S-1 (document), formed from the system integration division of CTG, #1 Growth, merge with Novel 2001 (picture with Mary Jo, Pete Musser, 1991 Co-Chairman) (picture Bob GE CTO) (Bob Crandell CEO, American Airlines, early adopter), Picture of Pete Musser, Professor Donovan and Mary Jo Donovan.



3. Cambridge Technology Enterprises Co., Founder. Holdings, ( Cambridge Technology Group, Cambridge Technology Partners, Borland International, Inc, CenterPoint, I-CUBE, Internet Business Services, ICE, Brainstrom, WorldStreet, Marathon Technologies, Interactive Gaming and Communication (IGC), Purchase Net, Office 2000, CIT), Management Team (picture Co founder Sundar Subramaniam) 1998-2004

4. Cambridge Executive Enterprises (CEE/ CTG), Founder, Chairman, broader offerings and international of CTG, Executive Programs, Workshops, Sponsored Oracle, Unisys, (picture President, Joe Tucci, CEO, James Unrue) IBM, SAP, Cingular (Ken Young), CITI Corp, Lawson, HP (picture Lou Platt CEO), Samsung (Chairman)



5. Catlabs, Chairman, Co founder with Sundar Subramaniam, joint venture with SAP to service SAP applications and extend them to internet, in 2002 absorbed into CEE/CTG (picture with Sundar, Jay Lee at Harvard)


7. Open Environment Corporation (OEC), Co-founder, Chairman, IPO 1993, S-1 (document), Products, DCE tools, merged Borland 1996 (picture at the beginning Sundar CEO, John Chairman, Russel Clark Myopia)


8. Cambridge Migration Management, Co Founder predecessor to I-Cube


9. Integration International Inc. (I-Cube) Lecturer, CTG marketing, IPO 1999, S-1, migration of applications from mainframes to client server architecture, Merge with Razorfish 1998, Microsoft 2007 (picture Chairman Sundar, President Peel)


10. Cambridge Samsung Partners (CSP), Co-founder exploration of advance technologies for products, President, merged with Samsung 1996 (picture, Signing, Team)

Cambridge Samsung Partners (CSP)


11. Cambridge Technology Group/KPMG Partnership, CTG model in Europe, Co-founder, merged with KPMG


12. Internet Business Capital Corporation, S1 (document), Co-founder, Chariman Advisory Committe,venture capital and incubation, (with Sundar [friend and partner], Evelyn and Linda)


13. Concentric Vision, Co-founder,multimedia management, clickable video, merged with Advent Group (picture Sundar and John)


14. Integrated Computing Engine (ICE), Founding Investor with MIT, high speed workstation, merged with Media (Picture Mr. Okawa CEO Sega, Sundar President, Donovan at signing of investment)


15. C-Bridge Internet Solutions, Co-founder, IPO 1999, S-1 (document), building business applications on the web, merged with Excelon, Progress Software (picture with President, Bellini)



16. Cambridge Information Technology (CIT) India (picture)


17. Cambridge Technology Group/IBIRSIS, Co-founder, a South American system integration company modeled after CTG, merged with IBIRSIS, division of Union Fenosa, merged with Gas Natural Fenosa (picture)


18. OneWave (Formerly Business@Web, Object Power), Co-founder, Chairman, IPO 1995, S-1 (document), merged with Primex (picture Sundar Co-founder) tools for web applications.



19. Cambridge Technology Reports, Co-founder and Executive Editor. Newsletter and CTG successful cases to fortune 2000 executives merged with CTG


20. CellExchange, Chairman Emeritus and Coach, government systems, merged with CTE (picture Baskar Panigrahi, CEO & Demo Team)


21. Advest, Co-founder, real time advertising analysys, merged with Westinghouse


22. Cambridge Institute for Information System (CIIS), founder, Chairman, AT&T training. Executive Programs, system integration,tools, applications (Sponsors AT&T CEO, Brown) merged with CTG (with partner Professor Stuart Madnick)



23. Institute for Medical Information Services (IMIS), Founder, Chairman,, executive programs, system's integration merged with CTG (with collegue Professor Stuart Madnick)



24. Financial Publishing Co., Member of Board of Directors


25. Mitrol, Chairman, Co-founder, with Harold Adler (picture with Adler, Son James in 1973), online inventory management system, merged with GE 1973, GE spun it out as MITROL



26. Knoware, Founder, President, interactive education with games on PC


27. International Computation (Intercomp), Founder, Chairman, President., sold a clinical laboratory system and hardware interfaces to the IBM 1130 computer to a IBM 2311 disk (developed by Michael Mark), Joseph Alsop, MIT thesis student and research assistant later became president, merged with Logicon, Northrop 1968-1971

##. Other companies formed by employees of the above companies include: Sapient, Viant, Invenio, Internet Capitol Group, Global Crossing Ltd, Scient, Webspective/Inktomi, etc. (company list)



Corporate Employment

28. Hamilton Thorne, member scientific advisory board, research IT applied to regenerative medicine (picture with CEO)



29. Lloyd's of London, Underwriting Member, Lloyd's Insurance


30. IBM Corporation, Systems Analyst, research sponsor, advisor, partner


31. Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, Summer Intern,instrumentation, CTG client

1963, 1995

33. Carlings Brewery trucking assistant, Peabody, Mass


34. General Electric, Summer Intern assembled instruments, Lynn Mass, CTG client

1960, 1993, 1999

35. City of Lynn, Engineering Department, Summer Intern, surveying 1956

36. Happy Valley Golf Course (now called Gannon golf course), Lynn Mass., Caddy (picture with club)





Charitable Trusts

1. Childrens Unlimited (children 1, 2, 3, 4)

2. Donovan Family Charitable trust (Maureen, Family, All)

3 . Appleby Trust - created as a charitable trust for the following endeavors holding the stocks of the companies created by Professor Donovan:

  1. Scholarships, Lynn Public Schools, Manchester/Hamilton City Workers, Yale, Boston University
  2. Chairs
  3. Schools
  4. Endowments

4. Donovan Conservation, land

  5. Donovan Legacy (movie)  



Government and Non-profit Advising

Presidential SealJoint Chiefs Seal

Navy, Concept Definition in Fleet & Manpower Readiness (picture with Admiral Shuford, Navy team, Cell Exchange Team) (with Admiral Jake Shuford Navel War College)

with Admiral Jake Shuford Navel War College


Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Field Force Protection, 5 Vector H.R. Model (picture with General Meyers , Chirman Joint Chief of Staff , Mr Robert Muler , Director FBI ; General Keith Kellogg Director J6)



Air Force, Adviser Strategic Transformation of Information Technology (Linda with General Raduege US Air Force)


Advised Chairman Lee and Executive Board of Samsung on internet strategy (picture with Chairman Lee at his home)

With Chairman Lee at his home


Adviser to President Ford and New England Governors on economic issues in energy (picture with President Ford and six Governors )


Adviser to President Bush on Information Technology (picture with Vice President Bush)

With Vice President Bush


Adviser to President Reagan on DARPA Research Technology (video Dr. Craig Field, Chief Scientist, DARPA, strategy session at home)


Worked with Senator Ted Kennedy on No Child Left Behind program in Massachusetts (picture with Senator Ted Kennedy ).


White House and the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Task Force of training and retraining in business and labor, Department of Agriculture, (picture with Secretary)


Adviser to President Carter on US/USSR Technology


Member, National Academy of Sciences Advisory Committee, USSR/US Technology


Area Co-Director of Management and Computers, AFIPS National Conference


Co-Chairman, Networks of Computers Conference, Sponsored by National Security Agency


Chairman, Technical Program, Association of Computing Machinery


Member, University Space Research Association Advisory Committee


Member, Honeywell Research Advisory Board


Submarine Fleet Navy Underwater Sound-Lab Researcher


Worked with Tip O'Neill, Speaker of the House, on passing Birth Defects Legislature (picture with Speaker Tip O'Neil)

With Speaker Tip O'Neil


National Lecturer for ACM (Association for Computing Machines) 1971-1972

Member, Computer Center Visiting Committee, Steven's Institute of Technology




Community Involvement

Constructed ball fields, soccer fields, field hockey fields, and donated for use to
Hamilton Recreation Department 
 (picture of first pitch little league)


Massachusetts coalition for homeless. Developed program for furniture bank.


Essex County Trail Association land conservation award (picture with Don Little VP UBS, MFH, Linda Donovan)


Donated to town of Pomfret, VT land for use for Fire Stations    (picture Promfret Fire department)


Worked with Senator Ted Kennedy on No Child Left Behind program in Massachusetts (picture with Senator Ted Kennedy ).



Children's Potential Unlimited, Founder


Preserved 1000 acres of open land for agricultural and recreation use in Hamilton, Essex, Ipswich picture of land from top of hill in Hamilton  also in Manchester by the Sea, Massachusetts, Promfret, Vermont., Donated stables for chariaible use, notes of appreciation


Donated and Installed Computers in Schools in Lynn, Massachusetts.


Charitable events: Arts Council, Sacred Heart Guild, town, etc. in Manchester home 1985-2010

Member of the Visitors' Committee, Boston Museum of Fine Arts.


Lecturer, Lowell Institute, program for underprivileged (community institute within MIT)


Scholarships at Yale University for students of city workers from Hamilton, Manchester and Ipswich


Boston University; endowed scholarships for students from Lynn English High (first "Donovan Scholar" Anjeza Beharaj) (picture with Laura Paine, Anjeza Beharaj, Matthew Wilkins [guidance counselor])

Scholarships at Yale University, general trust 1995






Books written by Professor John Donovan
  1. Donovan, John J., "Time Life", work in progress (2014).
  2. Donovan, John J. "The Entrepreneur", (2000-2014) draft.
  3. Donovan, John J., "The Second Industrial Revolution: Business Strategy and Internet Technology," (216p) Prentice Hall, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1998..
  4. Donovan, John J., "Business Reengineering with Information Technology," (189p) Prentice Hall, 1994, 1995, 1999, 2000.
    § Japanese edition published by Hewlett Packard, 1995
    § Korean edition published by Hewlett Packard, 1996
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 Books distributed by affiliate institutions

  1. Donovan, John J., "Business Reengineering with Technology: An Implementation Guide," (184p) Cambridge Technology Group, 1993.
  2. Donovan, John J., "Business and Technology: A Paradigm Shift," Cambridge Technology Group, (176p) 1993.
    § Japanese edition (210p), 1993
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  5. Donovan, John J., "Crisis in Technology - The Solution: Strategic Weapons and Tactics for Executives," (206p) Cambridge Technology Group, 1990.

 Publications in peer-reviewed journals

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 Conference Proceedings

  1. Donovan, John J., "Ambidextrous Business Management", College of Health Care, Keynote (Fall 2005)
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Patents, Service Marks and Trademarks



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Recent Patent Work  January 2011




Systems, Methods And Devices For Providing Situational Awareness, Risk Analysis Of Elements, Mitigation, Applications And Infrastructure In The Healthcare Ecosystem.


Provisional application #61413069

New technologies for monitoring home care and other service delivery points


Under development

Systems, Methods and Devices for Providing Situational Awareness, Mitigation, Risk Analysis of Assets, Applications and Infrastructure in the Internet and Cloud.


Full application #12834378

Provision application #61413183

Systems, Methods and Devices for Providing Device Authentication, Mitigation and Risk Analysis in the Internet and Cloud.


Provisional application #61413190

Systems, Methods And Devices To Provide Command And Control, Security, Transaction Management And Unified Data To Multiple Applications And Databases Simultaneously And Sequentially In The Internet And Cloud.


Provisional application #61413211

Systems, Methods, and Devices for an Architecture to Securely Support Massively Scalable Applications Hosted in The Cloud And Supporting New Business Models And User Interfaces


Provisional application #61436161

Method to ensure performance by ongoing analysis of command and control performance metrics.


Under development

Method to federate and broker multiple data types and metadata


Under development

Systems, Methods and Devices for Lazy Asset Discovery through analysis of the Food Chain, Gaps, and Creation of Roadmap


Under development

Systems and Methods for Providing a Framework and Process for Analyzing Existing Organizations’ Present Business Enhancements and Future Business Opportunities.

Business Process

Provisional patent application #61413131

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  1. Cambridge Technology Group - Issued to Cambridge Technology Group (2,071,291) updated 9/9/2009

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  1. Surround - Issued to Cambridge Technology Group (1,607,715)
  2. Cambridge Technology Group , CTG  U.S. Trademark no. 77822899, issued renewed  4/29/2010



Funded Research at MIT, Yale and Tufts Medical School


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American Red Cross

Birth defects (joint with Tufts School of Medicine)

National Institute of Health

Clinical laboratories (joint with Yale School of Medicine)

New England Regional Commission (NERCOM)

Support of New England Energy Management Information System (NEEMIS)

IBM Corporation

Security basic research

IBM/MIT Joint Study

Database basic research

National Bureau of Economic Research

Development of TROLL

Federal Energy Administration

Extension of Time Series Processing


Regional solar study


Planning and control system

U.S. Navy Underwater Systems Center

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Defense Advanced Research & Planning Agency (DARPA)

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Genetic Medical Information System (GMIS) development

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Development of ISEC, energy conservation

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Energy consumption, monitoring, building analysis, petroleum price data

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Petroleum distributors survey, distributors and annual sales date

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Consumption monitoring procedures

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National environmental data series (boilers-emission, consumption, pollution)


Composite system, e.g. GMIS, DAZEL


Regional home heating study


GMIS modification for crisis management, relational databse, Multics

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model integration in MIT solar voltaics study

Navy, ONR

Research in software hierarchies


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